Friday, 22 December 2017

                                                                   Christmas Facts

  •  Last Christmas we used an estimated 289,000 tonnes of card packaging. Luckily most of us recycle card!
  •  Most of us recycle, but we need to keep it going. We could make a cardboard motorway stretching from Glasgow to Lapland and back 103 times with all the card packaging we use at Christmas!
                                               Top Tips 
  •  Although most of us recycle, toilet roll tubes and toothpaste boxes are sometimes forgotten – but it’s easy and worthwhile to recycle these smaller items from the bathroom.
  • More and more people recycle – it’s easy! Food and drink cartons need only a quick rinse, and can be flattened to save space in your recycling bags.
  • Lots of people recycled their Christmas cards last year. All glitter-free greeting cards can be recycled. If possible, tear off the glitter section as well as any non-paper items like badges and batteries.
  • Many of us will be recycling wrapping paper after Christmas. Want a top tip? Try the Scrunch Test: if you scrunch it and it bounces back, it can’t be recycled.
  • We recycle every day – are you doing it right? Flattening it saves space, just don’t leave it out in the rain – if cardboard is wet, mould sets in and it can’t be recycled
  We wish you all a Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year 
Remember to Recycle !