Monday, 29 June 2015

About Kintyre Recycling

Kintyre Recycling Limited provides recycling services to the Kintyre peninsula, operating as a social enterprise and providing employment to people with special/social needs and learning disabilities. Currently we offer our kerbside recycling services to 4640 households and we service most recycling bring sites in Kintyre, Mid-Argyll and up to Arrochar on the A83. All the recyclates we collect are quality sorted to obtain the highest prices at market.

Aims & Objectives
Kintyre Recycling has a distinctive set of charitable objectives designed to benefit both the people of Kintyre and the environment:
  1. To promote and preserve the natural environment for the benefit of the general public and in particular to promote, advance, manage and effect the provision, development and improvement of facilities for waste minimisation, and to assist in the adoption of practices which are directed towards reducing unnecessary depletion of natural resources and/or reducing the volume of non-recycled waste.
  2. To promote education in the field of waste management and, in particular to collate information and carry out research in that field and disseminate such information and the results of such research, all with a view to encouraging the use of more sustainable waste management practices.
  3. To relieve poverty among the residents of Kintyre ("the Operating Area") and in particular individuals suffering from mental/physical disability, illness or impairment.
  4. To promote and/or provide training in skills of all kinds, particularly such skills as will assist residents of the Operating Area in obtaining paid employment.
  5. To promote, establish and operate other schemes of a charitable nature for the benefit of the community within the Operating Area.

A vast quantity of waste material is produced by the population as a whole. Although much of this could be sorted and re-used in one form or another, the majority goes into landfill. This is manifestly unsustainable in the medium and long term. At the same time, there are significant numbers of people without jobs, and a proportion of these have learning difficulties or other special needs. Opportunities for self-improvement often seem unattainable to them.

  • Kintyre Recycling sets out to use an otherwise untapped workforce to transform waste into recyclates and to divert discarded objects to further use.
  • Kintyre Recycling does not give grants or make social or programme-related cash investments. Rather, its employees and volunteers invest time in promoting environmental awareness, and the company itself provides Community Service and Employability Scheme placement opportunities.
  • The entire Board of Directors acts in a voluntary capacity and encourages other volunteers to assist as appropriate.